Adding Value

“The key to all of life is understanding how you can add value to others”

– Jay Abraham

Have you ever thought to yourself how you bring value to someone’s life? Have you ever thought about what this even means to bring value to someone? I mean, it can mean so many things – so I guess the real question is HOW do you want to bring value to other people. 

It might seem like a really easy concept to some of us but to others its questionable. 

Throughout the last couple years, I have really thought about this and asked myself with each person I came in contact with HOW am I bringing value to this person or HOW are they bringing value to me. If I question that person’s existence in my life, I slowly removed myself. Not because something was wrong with them or even myself, it was really the cold hard truth that we just didn’t mesh. 

Now I am not saying you need to start eliminating everyone in your life but I am saying I think you would gain a lot more if you began evaluating your relationships a little deeper. 

Its important to know that everyone CAN bring value to someone.

I’ll say that again for the people in the back… EVERYONE CAN BRING VALUE TO SOMEONE. You just need to figure out what it is you want to give and what it is you want to receive. 

~ Saturday Thoughts



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