The #10YearChallenge that’s going around social media right now sparked my interest, but not in away where I want to compare what 15-year-old Kaitlin looked like next to the now 25-year-old Kaitlin.

I want to compare how I have changed as a person instead! So basically, I’m going to toot my own horn in this post and honestly I hope some of you do the same for yourself. We’re not just changing our looks as the years go on, our minds are changing too!

  • I used to be incredibly closed-minded  – yep, you read that right. I was talking with a friend the other day and she said to me “You’re my favorite person to tell anything to because you never judge what I say or do, you just listen and then give me your opinion. I really appreciate that”. When I heard those words I actually had to take a step back for a second and then pat myself on the back. The Kaitlin I knew 10 years ago would have never received a compliment like that – I am not saying she was a total B**** back then but I will say my mind didn’t think the way it does now.


  • I use to care what others thought of me. So 10 years ago I was a freshmen in High School. Like most girls in high school we cared a lot of what someone thought of us. I always had to make sure I was wearing clothes from stores like Hollister (because that’s what the popular girls wore) or put a pound of makeup on because if I had 1 single pore showing or pimple then I automatically thought I was “ugly”. (Ugh, just saying that word makes me cringe that I even had thoughts like that.) Thankfully this stage only lasted till about Junior year of High School. Now, I like to buy clothes that are on clearance – you wont catch me paying full price on anything! I’ll also shop anywhere that has my size….THANK GOODNESS because shopping became 100 times easier. My makeup….well I have to be in the mood to put that on these days and it’s definitely not full coverage anymore. Which is a huge step in the right direction for myself as I love being confident in my own skin now.


  • Here’s a fun one… I finally stopped thinking lifting weights will make me bulky. Took me till I was 19 to figure this one out. I was so uneducated in this department and believed the media back then how weight lifting was just going to make me really muscular and as a women all I should be doing is cardio. So thankful I grew out of this – I have my mom and husband to thank for that. I could go on and on about this topic, but I’ll save it for its own blog post one of these days.


  • I learned how to stand up for myself. I’ll be honest this took me awhile to do, but I quickly learned as I got older this was going to be necessary to do. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I havent really followed the crowd in these last 5ish years. If anything, I continue to do things that tend to be judged hardcore…from not attending college, to being a pit bull advocate, to being a women who lifted weights and then now a person who decided to begin a life adventuring in veganism. I’ve had to defend myself and choices in every single category listed here and then some but that’s okay because what I gained from it is really thick skin. be26857b3a078584e548168e60863919_600x600

I could probably go on for another few bullet points but for now I’ll end it here.

As always, thanks for reading! ❤

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