One Last Time; A Letter to Duke

From the moment you were born, you were meant to be a part of our family.

We didn’t know it at the time but that’s only because we just didn’t know you. But you knew us…

Do you remember when we first met? When the other family was holding you so tight because they wanted to take you home. But what they didn’t know was you were already ours. You were always meant to be with us and that’s why in the end when they walked away, we scooped you up and never let you go. For 13 years… we didn’t let you go.

Do you remember all those nights when I couldn’t sleep so I would sneak upstairs to cuddle with you? You comforted me on many nights when I needed you – and in the worse situation possible, I was able to finally return the favor and comfort you during your final moments.

Do you remember all the walks we took? I would give anything to see just one last time you jumping of excitement because I pulled the leash out. You loved your walks and so did I.

It’s almost been a month since you had to go. I still think about you and I always will.

It’s not fair, is it. Some of the most genuine souls on this earth never get to stay long enough.

The next time I step into mom and dads house I know there will be a feeling of emptiness. You were always the first one I greeted every time I walked through that door.

I never got to thank you for coming into our lives. You came in at the most perfect time; life before you was a difficult time for me but ever since you arrived it seemed to only get better.

I wish the rainbow bridge had visiting hours.

I’m sorry you had to go, I miss you. I love you, Duke. 12.28.2018




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