But; who is she?

Woah. I realized I so kindly forgot to introduce myself. Who am I? Whats my background? Where am I headed.. so many questions yet I don’t have the answers for all of them. But here we go!

We can start off with I am 25 years old and live in the coldest state, kinda (I guess not 100% true) but… its Wisconsin. The lovely dairy state where everyone is obsessed with the packers –  except me.. well and my husband too (thankfully).  Speaking of my husband long story short we met when I was 15 he was 17. Dated for 8 years before we decided to tie the knot! We own a super cute cape cod that we bought last year and live there with our three dogs (golden mix and two pitbulls) as well as our three cats. We enjoy fostering dogs/cats through out the year and currently do not have any children!

I am very passionate about health and fitness. I do a ton of self educating in this category on my down time. Growing up I was very active as I was in gymnastics, cheerleading and track. Once I graduated high school I started looking into weight lifting and now absolutely love it. Its so crazy to look back on because when I began weight lifting it was during the time where women would get judged for lifting weights or cardio was the only thing women should do at a gym. Of course, I was the girl that didn’t follow the rules and lifted the heavy weights anyways. Sure I got dirty looks all the time but I just shrugged it off, i was never the one to follow the crowd. Which always resulted in me having plenty of enemies.

Okay, NEXT! I am Vegan! But wait before you leave because “you hate vegans” hear me out for a second. I am not going to shove anything down your throats about my point of view and all that jazz. I am however, going to “educate” and allow people to make their own decisions. Maybe you change and maybe you don’t or maybe you decide to sprinkle some veganism into your life (which that would be pretty cool). I’m personally all about “slow” transitions and allowing people to make a change on their own terms. I strive to support everyone no matter what path they choose to take – small changes is better than nothing!

I currently am in the Real Estate industry and I absolutely adore it. I cant see myself working in any other field – ever! I am obsessed with homes which I think has something to do with growing up I never felt I really had a place to call home. We moved around a lot and lived in many different rentals. When my mom re-married we got to move into my step dad’s house which was pretty cool but again, it just didn’t feel like “home”. The fact that my job revolves around helping people finding the perfect place they feel is home gives me the most satisfaction in life. Moving day is the BEST because they are always sooooo happy and excited that it makes me happy and excited.

“So why are you so obsessed with animals Kaitlin, what is your deal?” HAHA if I had a dollar for every time someone question me on why I love animals so much I would probably be a millionaire and have my own rescue farm by now 😉 Here’s the thing, I grew up with a cat (who hated me actually) and we always had dogs. My first love was Cocoa I think he was some terrier mix. He was small and white. He use to do this thing where he would pretend he had a hurt leg just so I would let him out of the gated area we kept him in. He would actually limp around then whimper while looking at me. Eventually I would cave and tell him he can come out. That little stink bomb would get so excited once I let him out he would run in circles and jump all over the furniture… NO SIGN OF A LIMP ANYWHERE. But man did I not care, he was my best friend since I had no friends growing up – zip, zero, nada. I had my sisters but I mean we were so young that we were at that age where we were just enemies and despised each other. So anyways, because I was so friendless I really leaned on my animal friends 100% of the time until 7th grade. So that was the TRUE beginning of my love for them! They don’t turn their backs on you, the true meaning of loyalty!

So whats my life plan? Funny thing is, I don’t have one. I’m kind of just cruising threw life and seeing where it takes me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got goals… but that’s just what they are for now. Things happen and curve balls get thrown at me on a weekly basis so we’ll see just how long it takes me to get past the hurdles. For now, I am just going to work on my real estate career, continue fostering animals, try to enjoy life and we will see what happens!

As always, thanks for reading! XoXo






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